The Challenge to Your Freedom of Choice

You know what this means. As an American, you have many freedoms. If you are free to choose, be happy. Be happy, be helpful, and celebrate life. Freedom is so precious that our justice system will take it from you as punishment for crimes. Let me wish you an early “Happy Independence Day” (if you read this before the 4th of July.)

Not coincidentally, we will look at the opportunity available with a trade on LBRT.
Liberty Energy Inc. (LBRT)

The first image shows the price already bouncing from what looks like support at around $20. Selling a PUT at that strike price might have been a prudent way to collect a premium. If you want to own the stock, you might want to buy it outright and pay the market price – between 20 and 21 dollars.

The second image shows the open interest at the 23 CALL, expiring in September. Currently, the bid is at $65; however, it may be higher at the opening today (Monday, July 1), and watching for higher prices this week may be rewarding.

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